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Onderstaande 20 producten van Gatco zijn in Nederland leverbaar.

Gatco Backpacker 2-Stone

Adviesprijs: € 54,95

Productcode: GAT 10002

Aanvullende informatie:
Superior sharpening performance in the world's most compact and portable knife sharpening system. The two new "take along" sharpening systems are designed to meet the sharpening needs of travelers, sportsmen, military professionals and anyone who needs professional sharpening tools in a compact, lightweight configuration.

Gatco Edgemate Diamond

Adviesprijs: € 164,95

Productcode: GAT 10004

Aanvullende informatie:
A sharpening system sharpens all plain and serrated blades with the highest performance in sharpening instruments. Gatco® sharpening hones feature longer, wider stones than competitive models.

Gatco Edgemate 7 delig

Adviesprijs: € 98,95

Productcode: GAT 10005

Aanvullende informatie:
This is the professional knife sharpening system that will sharpen all kitchen, sport, and utility cutlery including knives and cutting tools with serrated blades. Never before has a sharpening system done so much! This specialty product utilizes the GATCO ® exclusive knife clamp/angle guide to insure that all cutting tools can be easily sharpened to a precise razor-like edge.

Gatco Easy-Grip Clamp Mount

Adviesprijs: € 14,95

Productcode: GAT 12001

Aanvullende informatie:
This innovative sharpening accessory holds your GATCO® knife clamp/angle guide to maximize ease of sharpening. It is especially useful when sharpening large knives or many knives in succession. Mount can be permanently attached to any work surface with screws or C-clamped for portability

Gatco Medium Serrated Sharpening Stone

Adviesprijs: € 16,95

Productcode: GAT 15001

Aanvullende informatie:
GATCO® Medium Serrated Knife Blade Hone
• 350/400 Grit
• Triangular hone
• Restores dull serrated blades to full cutting performance

Gatco Extra Course Sharpening Stone

Adviesprijs: € 10,50

Productcode: GAT 15002

Aanvullende informatie:
GATCO® Extra-Coarse Sharpening Hone
• 80 Grit
• Sharpens damaged edges & extremely dull blades

Gatco Course Sharpening Stone

Adviesprijs: € 11,50

Productcode: GAT 15003

Aanvullende informatie:
GATCO® Coarse Sharpening Hone
• 120 Grit
• Fast cutting, resharpens dull blades

Gatco Medium Sharpening Stone

Adviesprijs: € 12,50

Productcode: GAT 15004

Aanvullende informatie:
GATCO® Medium Sharpening Hone
• 220 Grit
• Quickly restores dull blades

Gatco Fine Sharpening Hone

Adviesprijs: € 14,50

Productcode: GAT 15005

Aanvullende informatie:
GATCO® Fine Sharpening Hone
• 320 Grit
• Produces keen cutting edge

Gatco Fine Serrated Stone

Adviesprijs: € 19,50

Productcode: GAT 15007

Aanvullende informatie:
GATCO® Fine Serrated Knife Blade Hone
• 600 Grit
• Made from high alumina technical ceramic
• Produces a keen polished edge on all serrated blades

Gatco Ultimate Finishing Hone

Adviesprijs: € 22,50

Productcode: GAT 15010

Aanvullende informatie:
GATCO® Ultimate Finishing Hone
• 1200 Grit
• Made of 96% alumina ceramic
• Provides surgical finish to final cutting edge

Gatco Course Diamond Sharpening Hone

Adviesprijs: € 30,50

Productcode: GAT 16001

Aanvullende informatie:
GATCO® Coarse Diamond Sharpening Hone

Gatco Knife-Clamp Angle Guide

Adviesprijs: € 19,95

Productcode: GAT 17002

Aanvullende informatie:
Clamp/angle guide is larger, provides for easier grip. Precision angle guides provide six sharpening angles to insure perfect knife-to-stone angle for factory-exact edge including serrated edges. Finger screws adjust easily without the need of a coin or screwdriver.

Gatco Edgemate Carbide

Adviesprijs: € 26,50

Productcode: GAT 40001

Aanvullende informatie:
Engineered to insure a fast, safe method to restore a sharp cutting edge to dull blades.

Gatco Edgemate Display

Adviesprijs: € 307,95

Productcode: GAT 41200

Aanvullende informatie:
12 stuks

Gatco Tri-Seps

Adviesprijs: € 16,50

Productcode: GAT 60016

Aanvullende informatie:
Designed to be the fastest sharpener to rebevel serrations. resharpen serrations faster and more precisely than any other sharpener.

The unique triangular design features two radius sizes to provide for sharpening both large and small serrations

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